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Aspiring actors and models always end up paying registration fees to get audition updates from agencies and model co-ordinators. Invariably they are sent for a minimum of 10 auditions where they are demoralized as being ‘unfit’ either as actors or for the character looks.

Now these quacks (quite a few of them) have started a new trick. “Sweetie, you know it would be real easy for you to get work if you have a CINTAA artist card,” so they claim. As a quick retort, they blatantly offer to help you out to procure one at the earliest with their ‘contacts’. The rates for acquiring this card range from INR 11,000 to 25,000. You will be given humbug stories that CINTAA has stopped issuing cards, we have our internal connections or if you apply directly you will have to wait for ages.

Some nubile, naïve (read stupid) actors even give in to these talks and give the lumpsum cash to them. After waiting for more than a month, they realise they have been fleeced. They have no proof of the money been given nor a copy of the application form which was never filled.

Please exercise care if you come across such cheats. Yes an actor’s card is important but not mandatory. Invest in upgrading your skills than dishing out money to these people. Think, talk and seek guidance from reliable friends who know these quacks in the industry. Save your hard-earned money.

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